Why I am a Republican

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.06.07 AM

I am a lover of liberty, a fighter for your freedom as well as mine. I am a wife to an incredibly strong, patient and tireless man. My family means everything to me after my faith. America and God go together like peas and carrots. When you are a mother you will do everything in your power to see to it that your children are given the same opportunities you had growing up. I believe that hard work brings favorable results and sharing with those less fortunate is our God given right. I believe in following the rules that were founded on the ten commandments and that rule breakers should not be rewarded. I believe all of mankind was created in the image of God and life is precious and not to be wasted nor thrown away. I am a conservative who feels the Republican Party was founded on these exact principles and needs to return to it’s roots in order to be successful.

My grandmother was the original recycler and she taught me everything I know about not wasting and reusing. My father married young, built his first house and worked hard to provide for his family. They are the fiber of what has made our country great and I follow in their footsteps. I can not let this debt destroy our country, nor the political correctness silence our beliefs. This ship can not go down on our watch and leave the world a dark and evil place. Because of all I believe in… I am a Republican!


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